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posting for Kenny [Mar. 3rd, 2005|01:19 pm]
Mocha Club
hey guys, Kenny meant to post this entry here and accidentally placed it in his journal so I just figured I'd copy & paste it here. check it out.

sorry to linger on this materialism/dualism issue...but i have a paper due fri. on the topic.
i'm just about finished, i'm just wondering if any of you smart guys had anything to contribute on the following topic:

the problem i have to face in my paper, since i am taking sides with dualism over materialism, is this:
the mind body problem presents a huge problem for dualism. it basically asks two questions:
1. how can physical states cause subsequent non-physical states, and at what point and location does this occur?
2. how can non-physical states cause subsequent physical states, and at what point and location does this occur?

...obviously, just one question reversed, but both equally important/dificult to answer.

so, to put this in better perspective, take question 1.: how/at what point does a physical event,say a hug, cause me to form these non- physical feelings of fondness, or love for another person. now question 2: how/at one point does my non-physical desire for metaphysical knowledge cause me to physically sign up for classes in the topic?

hopefully you get the picture, it's quite hard in explaining how these two reciprocal phenomenons can work. if you have any opinion, please reply pronto. if you are a materialist...humor me and try to give a dualist answer to the question...a materialist response such as "haha,dualism doesn't work!!" is not going to help my paper :)

hope all is well guys, kenny

be cool!

[User Picture]From: i_hunt_veggies
2005-03-04 03:29 pm (UTC)
thanks nelofer :)
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